"Create, Work, Inspire" pop-up shop
19 Kenmare, NYC

Dell’s launch of a new line of “thin and powerful” products aimed at creative professionals on-the-go called for an entirely new way for these consumers to connect with the brand. Partnering with Dell’s experiential agency, Super!Alright!, we created a modular, transformative space for NYC creatives to showcase their ideas while keeping the technology in the spotlight. For three days and three nights, a curated series of events, talks, and screenings played out against a backdrop of custom-built moveable walls that seamlessly morphed from circular tables for work into smooth projection surfaces for presentations and events. The space was further divided into three zones dedicated to a different creative profession: fashion, film, and architecture – brought to life as street-facing workpods that lived on into the night as window displays.

In collaboration with We Came In Peace
Photos by Gregory Holm and Jena Cumbo

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